Review – Rush

Rush by Brianna Hale

I will admit to being a Brianna Hale fangirl at this point. I like everything she writes and every time she brings out a new book, it becomes my new favorite book. But this one really is.

Rush is a delightful read. It’s atmospheric, authoritative (I can only imagine the amount of research the author did), utterly engaging, and moving. I felt so deeply with and for these characters. I was absolutely sure an event the book led up to was not going to happen – there would be *some* last minute reprieve – but no, it happened and I felt so proud of the author for making the brave choice to have her characters face real-world consequences for their behavior. I love romance that feels real and this book certainly does. It also feels quintessentially British – the setting, the way the characters talk, the juxtaposition of inner city and country lifestyles, and a certain deep wariness that comes from living in London – while retaining universal themes. The problems these characters have with trust and connection are problems all human beings experience.

For readers who are not quite sure about daddykink, this is daddykink light. There are no diapers or medical examinations and very little age-play. Quite a safe introduction to daddykink if readers are looking to dip a toe.

This is a complete story with no cliff-hanger. I can’t see a “continuation” of this story, but I hope the author returns to rockstar romance at some point because she writes it so very well.

Highly recommended.

Buy Rush here. Free to read in Kindle Unlimited.

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