The Deep Frontier

First Series


Unleash the monster. Save the girl.

Hale Hauser is a Company killer. Perfectly engineered, highly trained, superbly effective. He has everything, and nothing.

Kezra Kerryon is a runner on the backwater colony of Kuseros. She’ll get anything from A to B, for a price.

When Kez hires Hale to help her retrieve a black-market package, Hale is plunged into the maze of strange loyalties and twisted customs of Kuseros’ underground gangs. In payment, he takes the one thing only a woman can give him, and finds the one thing he’s missing.

But Kez has a secret, which will threaten them both. To protect her, Hale must unleash the monster. Can he control the killer inside long enough to discover the truth before it destroys them? Or will he lose everything just as he’s found it?

throwing fire

Save the girl.
Save the world.

Sitting atop Tyng Tower, Hale Hauser should have everything. His girl is safe. Her family is safe. Even her giant rabbits are safe.

But on Kuseros, no one is safe.

When enemies threaten from within and without, the only way to save the girl–to save the world–is to unleash the monster again.

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Second Series

The Lure of Space

A super-soldier.
A convict.
A planet bent on killing them both.


The sequel to The Lure of Space.

What Readers Say

I loved Kez and Snow/Hale from the very beginning. Kez was such a great character. When you first meet her seems so timid and Hale is such a big, strong, somewhat, well, not somewhat, he was a dangerous guy, that I wasn’t sure about them … For two people with their pretty sad beginnings, it made for such a great story. And the author brought them together so wonderfully.Their story, to me, was so very endearing. Kez is much, much more than Hale realizes and he is much more than I would have ever given him credit for in the beginning. The author weaves their story together so well and the sci/fi wasn’t too technical for me to follow and pretty much imagine … there are bunnies. Yes, I said bunnies. Big bunnies. But again, it’s the two main characters that made me love this book so much.

–Amazon Reviewer

I really liked this book. It’s reminiscent of the Riddick movies, with a dark, gritty world and hard-bitten, cynical characters. The world-building is rich and detailed to the point where I was pretty sure I could smell the spicy, fried seaweed that is such a favorite of the main characters and feel the soft fur of Kez’s bunnies. Snow is a great misunderstood bad boy who’s really a good guy with a hard exterior. Kez is an interesting character with enough backstory and history to make her seem real. Both main characters are secretive, so it takes a while to get to know them, but the journey is worth it and the plot moves forward steadily throughout the book. This isn’t a fast read, characters this complex take time to develop and there are a few twists and turns in the plot that need to be explored, but it is a fun read and well worth the time. 

–Amazon Reviewer

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