Main Series

Neon Blue

An urban witch.
A hungry demon.
A soul on the line.

My name is Tsara Elizabeth Faa, and I have a demon problem. A very serious demon problem.

My ex-best friend has summoned an incubus, and left me to deal with him. Now he’s after my soul.

Thing is, the more time I spend with him, the more I want to give it to him.

Blood Yellow

Can’t live without them.
Can’t unsummon them.

I tried living without him. I lost my powers. I slogged through days of dust. I broke.

I called him back and he rose through the Gate on wings of flame. Wings no fire demon has ever had before.

I don’t know who I am anymore. I don’t know who he is. But I know some very powerful entities do not want us to be together.

As above, so below. War is coming, to both our planes.


Black Magic Friday

Magic, mayhem and competitive shopping greet urban witch Tsara Faa when she ventures out on Black Friday.

This short story is set between the events of Neon Blue and Blood Yellow.

What Readers Say

(Neon Blue)
What a really wonderful story. Full of witches, pixies, ghosts, and of course, not your average demon. Tsara is not your normal witch either. At least not what I’ve ever thought a witch was. She works at a fertility clinic and uses her skills to help couples conceive. Not what you think of when thinking about witches! And then there is Jou, our sexy demon. You can’t help but love him. And feel a bit sorry for him. He’s fallen pretty hard for Tsara. Not in love, but he wants her soul. He wants her to come back where he came from and stay with him forever. Decisions, decisions. What’s a witch to do? 

–Amazon Reviewer

(Blood Yellow)
The second book in the series, this is a continuation of Tsara’s journey and growth, both with and without her demon lover, Jou. Her despair before reuniting with Jou is so palpable, but she never let her shredded personal loss stop her from reaching out to help and give of herself through that. I honestly love her as a heroine.

Jou himself is an absolutely luscious hero, not just physically, but in charisma, and power. The dichotomy between his vicious ruthlessness and him playing Frankenstein’s monster for a little girl at a children’s museum made him irresistible.

How the book ends makes me believe that there is more to Tsara and Jou’s story….at least I hope so because I am not ready to leave them.

–Amazon Reviewer

Meet Tsara and her demon today.

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