The Bad Boys of Bevington

First Series

Teddy’s Boys

Three boys.
Two murders.
One terrible choice.

Charlie, Gabe, and Darwin.
Three boys who are more than my match.

My best friend. My new love. My worst enemy.

Are they also killers?

When a fellow student is murdered, the finger of suspicion points at my boys.

Can I prove their innocence?

Or will I be their next victim?

Gabe’s Girl

I survived my father, but I can’t survive without my boy.

I’ve lost one person to the fae; I won’t lose another.

No matter what the cost, no matter what I have to do, I’ll get Gabe back. And then I’ll prove his innocence.

Darwin Dùbhghlas, I’m coming for you.

Meet the bad girl of Bevington …


Friends, lovers, enemies, I’ve found them all at Bevington College. I’ve survived the worst that my family, an angry fae prince, and a rampaging Fate could throw at me.

Just when I had everything I wanted, I was thrown forward through Time and cut off from the source of my magic.

Can I get back to Charlie, Gabe, and Darwin?
What will have happened to my boys in my absence?
And how in the Nine Hells am I going to pass my Early History of Magic exam?

Meet the quaternion …

Second Series

Ulune’s Daughter

Bevington College’s brick facades hold too many secrets.

I’ve returned from the sun and mist of the California coast to the pines and snow of Bevington, lured by the promise of tenure track and a showcase for my research at Bevington’s prestigious museum.

But my presence at Bevvy sets in motion a terrible chain of events.

Soon, a student is dead by his own hand. Sleep has become the land of demons instead of dreams. And I don’t know who to trust: the mentors who have guided me for years, my ex and academic rival, or the three boys who claim me as their own?

Meet Kellan Wyndham, Air witch, treasure hunter, and future Queen of the Cait Sidhe …

What Readers Say

(Teddy’s Boys)
This story takes you on a journey and it was so much fun. I’ve never read anything that has magic in it, but this story has me so intrigued and I want to read more of it. I’m happy that it doesn’t end here. It has great world-building, magic, mystery, and a murder to solve. And I can’t forget to mention some very hot s3x scenes. Not a lot of them but enough that had me wanting more. I absolutely loved all of it and can not wait to read the continuing story. 

–Amazon Reviewer

(Gabe’s Girl)
This book…..this book took my emotions on a roller coaster then gave me some swoony feelings then put them through a wringer and then back on the roller coaster and then left me shaking my kindle demanding that it NOT be the end of the book. Although the plot is layered with the tension building, and the intrigue deepening, it’s really the evolving character dynamics that continues to suck me in.

–Amazon Reviewer

I’ve loved every minute of this series. Teddy is my ideal leading lady, she’s tough, powerful and has been fighting for herself for years. But, she also has a soft centre that she isn’t afraid to show to the right people, and although she’s fiercely intelligent she also is able to bend and yield to other opinions… The books also have a plot, humour, an interesting magical system, some elements of power exchange in the relationships, and a bit of timey-wimey stuff to add a twist to the story.
I rarely 5 star every book in a series, but this one deserves all of them.

–Amazon Reviewer

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