The Daddy P.I. Casefiles

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Box set

Are you ready for ALL the daddy?
A stalker.
A missing collar.
And, always, a Daddy-Dom to the rescue.

This huge box set collects the prequel (previously unavailable without subscription), Daddy P.I., Daddy P.I 2.0 and The Case of the Missing Collar, an exclusive novella.

Daddy P.I.

And a Daddy Dom to the rescue.

Former Naval officer James Logan is used to being in charge, both in his personal life and his new career as a private investigator. When he’s hired to investigate the suspicious death of a passenger on an alternative lifestyle cruise, Logan swaps his gun for a flogger. All he needs is a good cover, and he knows just the sub to provide it.

Author Emily Martin is no stranger to the lifestyle; she’s a veteran of emotionally unavailable Masters and see-you-later sadists. However, Logan’s no weekend Dom, and his dedication to being her daddy could just convince Emily to give full-time power exchange another try.

But there’s no chance for a happily-ever-after with a killer at large. When the chase turns lethal, Emily must call on every ounce of courage to save her daddy. Will she be a Little too late?

Daddy P.I. 0.5

A first date like no other: dinner and a tawse!

Meet James Logan and Emily Martin, two people from opposite ends of the kinky spectrum. They each need something other than the other.

With such different agendas, do they have any hope of a future? The only way to find out is an audition at Logan’s exclusive kink club.

Daddy P.I. 2.0

A movie star.
A stalker.
And a Daddy Dom to the rescue.

P.I. James Logan has finally found his perfect submissive in little Emily Martin. He wants nothing more than to enjoy spoiling his babygirl as she adjusts to life with him in New York City. But nothing’s easy when you’re a Daddy.

Logan’s best client, adult movie star Rick Errol, has a stalker, and what starts as an online trolling quickly escalates into attacks that could cost Rick his liberty and his life. Hunting Rick’s stalker is hard enough, but a Daddy’s work is never done.
When Logan’s former flame claims he’s the father of her baby, Logan has to fight for Emily’s trust all over again.

The need to protect those he loves is written on Logan’s heart and soul, but can he protect them all, or will he have to make a terrible choice?

Stand Alones

MAx’s Bumble

A band of murderous mercenaries.
A Little in danger.
And a Primal Daddy to the rescue.

Max Bateman has been betrayed too many times. After escaping a group of black-hat hackers who have painted his hands with innocent blood, Max finds refuge in New York with his best friend and Daddy-Dom, James Logan. He begins to build a new family, and to explore the strange cravings that meeting Logan’s Little, Emily, and her friend Cynnie, stir in him.

Cynthia Kimura is drowning. Crushed by the expectations of her overbearing family, she finds freedom as a Little, and in Max’s primal dominance. But Cynnie must keep her Littleness hidden at all costs.

When the mercenaries blackmail Max into one last job, can he protect his Little, or will more innocent blood stain both their hands?

Missing Ink

A thief.
A bad tattoo.
And a Forever-Dom to the rescue.

Michael “Mac” McNally is drifting. Finished with the Navy, finished with his marriage, Mac is sleeping on the couch of his good friend, James Logan, while he tries to figure out his retirement.

Brenna “DirtyGurl” Truelove is lost. Floundering after a series of not-relationships, Brenna can’t find satisfaction in scenes with one-night Doms or in Missing Ink, the tattoo business she’s worked so hard to build.

When the drifter and the lost-girl come together over a bad tattoo, can they build something that lasts among the wreckage of his marriage and her trust in Doms? And can they catch the thief before he destroys Missing Ink?


Warrin With An I

A murderous gangster.
A little in captivity.
And a Law Daddy to the rescue.

A year ago, I looked into Aggie’s infinitely deep, infinitely sad brown eyes and lost my heart. I vowed that night to protect her from everything destroying her soul.

Tonight is the night I fulfill my vow.

Blunts Tales

You are cordially invited to enter into the exclusive world of Blunts, the club for gentle (and not so gentle) Doms and Dommes from the world of Daddy P.I.
From the absurdity of trying to scene in a blow-up T-Rex costume to Master Ten’s feared toothbrush punishment, these thirteen tales aim to entertain, elucidate, and delight.
Come in and discover what lies behind the façade …

What Readers Say

(Daddy P.I.)
I fell in love with Logan in this story because he’s probably the most caring, conscientious and responsible dom character I have ever read. Emily[‘s] character is so sweet and vulnerable, yet incredibly strong at the same time. I absolutely adored her. Honestly, I identified with her on a deeply personal level, but even if I hadn’t, her character is amazing … If you are a fan of this genre, do yourself a favor and read this book. I really can’t recommend it enough.

–Amazon Reviewer

(Missing Ink)
Brenna is the most adorable grump ever … she’s a good friend to so many people and doesn’t seem to realize how much people care for her. And that’s where Mac comes in. He sees Brenna – really sees her … This series has quickly become one of my favorites and I look forward to seeing what happens next..

–Goodreads Reviewer

(Missing Ink)
Mac (the hero) was everything I could ever ask for in a romance Dom. Patient and kind and supportive and just wonderful. Perfect. Perfect story. Amazing author. I wish I could award more stars. 10 stars.

–Amazon Reviewer

(Max’s Bumble)
I can’t remember when I last enjoyed reading a book this much. Not “reading” as in absorbing the story, and enjoying the ending, but “reading” as in taking pleasure in everything. The words, the phrasing, the way the story is built – each sentence was a pleasure.

I also absolutely love the way Max’s story fits into the Daddy P.I. world like an important piece in a jigsaw puzzle. It filled in background information (how did Logan pay off his debts, what did Logan have on Miranda), adding details that enhance and deepen the earlier books. And because plot lines from those books aren’t simply restated to bring the audience up to speed, but rather alluded to with a few words or sentences, I’m inspired to go back and read all the other books in this series. Again.

Can’t wait to find out what happens next.

–Amazon Reviewer

(Blunts Tales)
What an amazingly fun, emotional, heart warming and wrenching collection of short stories. EJ absolutely hit it out of the park with all of these stories. There’s an awesome mix of humor and slightly more serious tales. Each story was full of emotion, steam, and left me wanting more. And while I wanted more each story felt complete and left me feeling like I know the characters so much more than I should have in such a short time.
I absolutely love her Daddy PI series so there are quite a few familiar faces but each tale focuses on different ones so you get to know them just a little bit more than you already would if you’ve read her other books. Reading this collection made me feel like I was getting a behind the scenes peek at what goes on when no one is watching at Blunts. Loved all the punishments and funishments and would definitely love to see more of a few of these characters. I can’t wait to read EJ’s next book, she is a very diverse author and has such a unique style, I love all of it.
–Amazon Reviewer

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