Welcome to the pre-release page for the sequel to Snowburn, Throwing Fire!

Throwing Fire will be available in e-book and paperback. Follow my Amazon page to receive a notice when Throwing Fire is released.

Here’s the back cover blurb for Throwing Fire:

Survival has always been Hale Hauser’s sole goal. Engineered and trained as a living weapon, Hale has survived insurrections on a dozen worlds as well as the inescapable prison, Tol Seng.

But as new Chief of Security for Tyng Enterprises, Hale has more than his own survival to worry about.

Tyng’s sprawling drug empire is teetering, and while Hale and his lover Kez struggle to control the business, rivals old and new unite against them.

When Kez’s own family betrays her, Hale must call on more than just his skills to protect her. He will need to unleash the monster again, if either of them is to survive.

For the lead-up to the release, I’ve posted an excerpt from Throwing Fire here.

I’ve also written a couple of short stories that take place between Snowburn and Throwing Fire:

  • Hale and Kez practice a new move in the Tao of Fire Poi;
  • Hale gives Kez’s brother a lesson in social  . . . intercourse in Three Little Words; and
  • Hale and Kez play ‘meet-n-greet’ with the Tyng A.I. in TYED.

If you enjoy the shorts, please feed the writer and leave me a comment!

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