The sequel to The Lure of Space, The Stars Avail takes Jon Hauser’s rebellion interstellar.

Here’s an excerpt from the first chapter:

I didn’t expect to dream while I died. Didn’t expect dying to take so long, either.

Darienn’s voice. Silver and smoke. “Are you sure about this?”

Sure I’m dying? Yeah, sorry, sweetheart.

Another voice. “You programmed the namites yourself, Sil. Let’s get started.”

I didn’t expect dying to hurt so bad. My skin’s on fire. Seers all the way to the bone. I’m burning, burning.

“God, they’re eating his eyelids. Are you sure about this?”

Light. Searing and shapeless. The firestorm.

“His blood pressure’s jumping. One-sixty over ninety. Col, are you sure he can’t feel this?”

“No. Nez, shut down the cycle.”

My mind retreats into darkness.

Pain. Flaring. Each muscle cramping, burning. Ain’t I done dying yet?

“He’s convulsing!” Darienn’s voice, jangly with panic.

“Hold him!”

“Dammit, he’s going into seizure. Hold him!”


The Stars Avail probably won’t make it to “press” until 2019 in all likelihood, but I’ll be posting updates and excerpts here as I go.

Would you like an advance review copy of Lure or Stars Avail? Let me know by completing the contact form below!

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