Teddy’s Boys

A wickedly hot water mage.

My best friend who wants more than friendship.

Scottish fae mafia who want my business.

A killer at large.

My first year at Bevington College is going to be anything but boring.

And if I don’t figure out who killed my boyfriend’s ex, I may be next.

Here’s a taste of Teddy’s Boys:

     What do you get when you make a Manchester girl relocate to the dank backwoods of   Massachusetts? 
     A pissed-off Manc is what.
     I hammer another cross-uppercut-elbow combination into the pads Charlie’s holding for me. “Years of work!” I snarl as I go in with a straight knee which he barely blocks. “For nowt! Da ships me off to the ass-end of nowhere and then orders me to have tea with these wankers like they’re the fucking royal family!”
     “Ease off a little, Teddy,” Charlie huffs as a kick drives him back a step.
     “C’mon, big boy,” I tease, propping my gloves on my hips. Charlie is a big boy since his last growth spurt: six-two and eighty-six kilos. Or a hundred and ninety pounds if you think in old money. He’s a good size. Tall enough to prop his chin on my head. Heavy enough to crush me under him. If I thought of Charlie like that. Which I don’t. He’s been my bezzie-mate since we were kids. He got shipped over to America two years ago and I’ve missed him to hell. Being reunited with him is the only good thing about my exile.
     Everything else just pisses me off.

(c)2021 E J Frost

Teddy’s Boys is my dark, magic academy, reverse harem romance for Kindle Vella. Vella is a serial reading experience, where readers will be able to unlock “episodes” (chapters) as they are released, similar to Radish and Dreame. Vella is best experienced on a smartphone or Kindle. Vella launched in mid-July and I’m posting three episodes a week. I currently anticipate a second and third “season” and that I will be releasing each season as an ebook approximately a month after posting the final episode of each season.

Teddy’s Boys is set at Bevington School for Magickal Instruction. This school might be familiar to readers of Neon Blue; it’s the college Tsara Faa attended. Although Teddy’s Boys stands alone from my other series, readers may recognize characters from the Neon Blue series, particularly among the Bevington faculty.

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