Review – Savage Prince

Ultimately, this is a book that will uplift you, even if it wrecks you a little on the way. 

This series just gets better and better.

I loved-loved-loved Nikolai and Dahlia’s story (Ruthless King), but I think I like Maxheim and Tess’s story even better. Maybe it’s the second dip into the complex world this author is building that made it feel more complete, more fully-fleshed? Maybe it’s that I’m more invested in this family and their struggles? I’m not exactly sure what made this book stronger in my mind, but it is.

This is not light, fluffy omegaverse, so sensitive readers should take care. As with all omegaverse, there are power imbalances and Maxheim, underneath his surface frost, is caring, but 100% alpha. There’s human trafficking, which I find slightly triggering, but it’s done sensitively. As with Nikolai and Dahlia’s story there’s a great deal of angst and some big hurdles for the characters to overcome. But the darker themes are balanced against humor, warmth, triumph of the human (sort of!) spirit, and the building of the Skolov extended family. Ultimately, this is a book that will uplift you, even if it wrecks you a little on the way. 

I’m looking forward to Alexi’s story!

Highly recommended and available here!

Review – Forbidden Flame

Forbidden Flame by Alison Aimes

Wow! This story, although short, is absolutely jam-packed with action and feeling!

The reader is thrown straight into the action at the start – my favourite kind of story – and the rollercoaster just keeps going from there. Magnus is the kind of alpha I love: wily, driven and oh so possessive when he accidentally “unwraps” his fated mate. But there’s a huge twist that keeps them apart. It’s so clever that I don’t want to give it away – you have to read and enjoy it for yourself!

Can’t wait for the next book in this series!

Highly recommended.

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