Snowburn and Throwing Fire

Welcome to the landing page for my sci-fi romance duo, Snowburn and Throwing Fire. These two books tell the story of Hale Hauser as he navigates the underworld of the Deep Frontier Colony, Kuseros, with a little help from a street runner, Kez, and her giant Norgir rabbits.


“I’m the biggest monster on the planet.”

Hale Hauser is a Company killer. Perfectly engineered, highly trained, superbly effective. But when ordered to assassinate his own kind, Hale rebels, and the Company buries him in a hole so deep that no one has ever escaped.

After escaping, Hale hides on Kuseros, a backwater Colony on the Deep Frontier. He begins a new life as Sandringham Snow, pilot and smuggler. Hired by Kez, a local runner, to retrieve a box of black-market glands, Hale follows her through the maze of strange loyalties and twisted customs of Kuseros’ underground gangs. In payment, he takes the one thing only a woman can give him, and discovers the one thing his new life is missing.

But Kez has a secret, which will threaten them both. To protect her, Hale must unleash the monster. Can he control the killer inside long enough to discover the truth before it destroys them? Or will he lose everything just as he’s found it?

Snowburn is now available exclusively on Amazon and free to read in Kindle Unlimited.

Throwing Fire

Snowburn is just the beginning of Hale and Kez’s story. The sequel, Throwing Fire, is coming soon. Read a sneak peek here, and in the meanwhile, enjoy these three shorts set between Snowburn and Throwing Fire.

  • Hale and Kez practice a new move in the Tao of Fire Poi;
  • Hale gives Kez’s brother a lesson in social  . . . intercourse in Three Little Words; and
  • Hale and Kez play ‘meet-n-greet’ with the Tyng A.I. in TYED.

If you enjoy the shorts, feed the writer and leave me a comment!

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