I don’t pretend to be a visual artist, but sometimes I can’t find the right words and put paint brush to paper instead of a pen. This is a gallery of my (very amateur) artwork.

Neon Blue

My main character’s recurring nightmare of the Shadow Man figures large in Neon Blue. It haunted me while I was writing the story and I only finally expunged it by painting this.

Shadow Man
Tsara’s nightmare from Neon Blue

I was also haunted by the image of the demon’s home, Ash Hill, and did a pen and ink line drawing to get that image out of my head.

Ash Hill
Ash Hill from Neon Blue

Blood Yellow

Staying with the demonic for a moment, although I usually leave it up to my cover artists to create the image of my main characters, I had a very clear image of one of the demons from Blood Yellow, and decided to try to sketch her (not entirely successfully).

Zeifyr 1
Zeifyr from Blood Yellow

Finally, I’m going to shamelessly pirate one of my old manuscripts for fae characters to populate the Oak King’s Court, and I’m pretty sure this wyrm-wearing warrior will make an appearance.

Daaydis and Tregin


Scifi has always been my first love, and I think of myself as a science fiction writer more than I do a fantasy writer. I tend to draw less in relation to my scifi, too, which might be because I struggle less describing the images in my head.

But sometimes I put paint brush to paper (or technical pen, since that’s what I tend to sketch with). For Snowburn, I did a sketch of Kez from early in the book, when she still has her dreadlocks.


Kezra Kerryon
Kez in her slouchy hat from Snowburn

I frequently draw maps to keep myself oriented as I write. Here’s my map of Kuseros, the setting for Snowburn and Throwing Fire.

Kuseros Western Colony 098_000001

The Stars Avail

Finally, the second series set in the Deep Frontier, Lure of Space and Stars Avail, feature a topsy-turvey space station that I really struggle to keep straight in my head. I did this very rough sketch as a reference.

NecahualHope you enjoyed my little gallery!

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