Daddy P.I.

Welcome to the landing page for my new contemporary romance with a wicked edge, Daddy P.I.

Daddy P.I. is the story of private security consultant, James Logan, who has been retained by the Pink Pearl cruise line to track down the source of brick, a performance enhancing drug, which has poisoned several guests on Pink Pearl’s popular Mexican Sunset cruise. The catch? The cruise is couples only, kinky couples only, and Logan is without a submissive.

To complete his cover, Logan recruits romance author and “little girl” submissive, Emily Martin. Logan finds being Emily’s Daddy more satisfying than he ever imagined, but Emily is clear from the beginning: no permanent attachments. Can Logan convince her otherwise, and find the source of the brick, before another Pink Pearl guest loses their life?

Here’s an excerpt from the first chapter:

Upstate New York on a Saturday afternoon. Not where I should be.

I should be on the way to L.A., or at least getting ready for the trip: emailing my contacts on the Left Coast, researching my client’s business.

I should be videoconferencing with Miranda, giving her the précis I’ve got on the five victims and toxicology reports. Bouncing ideas off her on how to interview the four survivors and the widow – who still won’t answer my calls or emails – and the best way to approach the investigation on the boat. I should be packing her favorite toys and thinking about how to spend our downtime on the cruise together.

Instead, I’m in upstate New York and Mir’s at home in London. Probably planning her goddamn baby shower. While I try desperately to replace her.

At a BDSM expo.

I make another circuit of the main convention hall, passing a table of sex toys, most of which I already own. The prospects are dismal. One, to be exact: a curvy little redhead who is staffing a table for a local piercing studio. She’s advertizing its services so heavily I have trouble making out her features. Her eyes and lips are coated in black. I’ll need to scrub her up before I take her on the boat. She’ll stick out like a sore thumb in all that dark makeup among the California tans and Brazilian bikinis on the boat.

A woman walks up behind the redhead and kisses her on the back of her tattooed neck.

Fuck, my radar’s malfunctioning.

I’m usually better at identifying women who share my sexual preference, even if a match with my particular set of kinks can be hard to spot. But, then, a kink expo. isn’t my usual fishing grounds. I glance around the brightly lit hall, cluttered with kiosks, stands, banners, tables and chairs. A million miles away from the clubs, bars and dungeons where I usually look for partners. The people swirling through the hall, in various stages of (un)dress, costumes, fetish-wear and accoutrements, are a million miles away from the women I look for.

This was a mistake.

Daddy P.I. is a stand-alone contemporary romance (no cliffhanger). Daddy P.I. deals with strong adult themes including drug use, bullying, and power-exchange.

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