Daddy P.I.

Welcome to the landing page for my new contemporary romance with a wicked edge, Daddy P.I.

Join private security consultant, James Logan, on a cross-country chase to track down the source of brick, a performance-enhancing drug that has poisoned several guests on the Pink Pearl cruise line’s kinky Mexican Sunset cruise.

To complete his cover aboard the cruise, Logan recruits romance author and “little girl” submissive, Emily Martin. Logan finds being Emily’s Daddy more satisfying than he ever imagined, but Emily is clear from the beginning: no permanent attachments. Can Logan convince her otherwise, and find the source of the brick, before another Pink Pearl guest loses their life?

Here’s an excerpt from the first chapter:

Hall B’s smaller than the main floor, with fewer flashy kiosks. It’s packed tighter than Hall A, both because the room’s smaller, and because the center of the room’s taken up with tables and chairs, populated by expo-goers taking a load off. Maybe that’s why it takes me a full circuit of the hall to spot her.

When I do, my internal radar pings loud and clear. Bingo.

She’s sitting by herself at a small table she’s draped with a white cloth. Her head’s bent over a book; dark brown hair in a plait down her back, secured by a floppy, white silk bow. Her table’s empty. She’s not selling anything. There’s just a handwritten sign, printed in neat capitals, pinned to the front of the table. I’m at a bad angle to read it, so I move past, taking in her face: a pale oval, a dotting of freckles across her nose, long brown lashes shading her eyes. No obvious makeup.

On the second lap, I get a look at her sign. Nothing dissuades me, although I haven’t tried her particular kink. I start angling back on the third lap, but a man beats me to her table.

I turn, pretending to browse a selection of home videos, and watch them out of the corner of my eye.

She looks up from her book, speaks to the man briefly, then goes back to reading.

The dom stands over her table for a moment, looming, confusion beetling his unlined brow. Then he wanders away.

Guess he wasn’t what she’s looking for.

Daddy P.I. is a stand-alone contemporary romance (no cliffhanger). Daddy P.I. deals with strong adult themes including drug use, bullying, and power-exchange.

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