Daddy P.I.

Welcome to the landing page for my new mystery-romance with a wicked edge, Daddy P.I.

Join private security consultant, James Logan, on a cross-country chase to track down the source of brick, a performance-enhancing drug that has poisoned several guests on the kinky Mexican Sunset cruise.

To complete his cover aboard the cruise, Logan recruits romance author and “little” submissive, Emily Martin. Logan finds being Emily’s daddy more satisfying than he ever imagined, but Emily is clear from the beginning: no permanent attachments. Can Logan convince her otherwise, and find the source of the brick, before another cruise guest loses their life?

Here’s an excerpt from the first chapter:

Widows are the worst part of my job.

Worse than the pain in a client’s eyes when I tell them it’s a family member who has fucked them over. Worse than the three times I’ve been shot at. It’s the uncomprehending grief of the recently widowed that always threatens to rip the heart out of my chest. Their loved one was there yesterday, or two days ago, or ten. Now they’re not. It makes no sense. After being there for years, sometimes decades, the person is simply gone, and the widower has to keep on living as though their world hasn’t just dived headfirst into an empty concrete pool.

Regina Black, or “Reggie” as she asks me to call her, is the same as every other widow I’ve met. She looks hollowed out by grief. Scoured by it. She’s still tan and put-together in a dark brown linen skirt suit. She goes through the motions of being okay. But it’s there in her empty eyes, the pallor under her tan.

I want to hug her. Stroke her artfully tousled bottle-blonde hair. The way I would comfort my babydoll, or any bottom who came to me hurting and needy.

But Reggie Black’s a stranger, a stranger who is threatening a lawsuit against my client. So instead, I shake her hand and show her to the circular couch in the suite the cruise line has booked for me at the M Hollywood Hotel. I offer her bottled water, which she takes and sips with a trembling hand.

Daddy P.I. is the first book in a series, but stands alone and has no cliffhanger. Daddy P.I. deals with strong adult themes including drug use, bullying, and power-exchange.

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