Day 4

Up early, typing madly.

Morning’s a good time for me to write. I feel fresh and alert. All those alpha brain waves alpha-ing. This morning was a good time for more worldbuilding (and yes, I’m adding that to my word count, bite me), working on descriptions of the various Colonies and mapping a timeline for Lure and Stars (something I should have done long ago).

The word count’s building slowly. I think I’ll feel a major sense of accomplishment when I hit 5k and know I’m 1/10 of the way through. Of course, the NaNo site is down again so I can’t update my word count or the widget, but I’m at 4,059 (that actually doesn’t include the worldbuilding — the timeline alone is 991 words, woot!).

I can definitely do this.

Day 2

Despite a promising start, Day 1 sucked. I did okay for an hour and a bit, then got massively distracted by RL and dragged off to a theme park (GAH) and, upon returning, fell asleep on the couch at 7:30. Although I managed about an hour in the car to and from the theme park, I got maybe 2 1/2 hours of writing all told. Just over 700 words.

Not a good NaNo day, all in all.

Today’s been better. Getting rid of The Child for 4 hours at another child’s birthday party has helped a hell of a lot. 2,142 words and counting. It doesn’t quite make up for the disaster of yesterday, but it’s better than n’owt, as they say in this part of the world. If I can get another solid 2 hours tonight after The Child’s in bed, I have some hope of 3,000 words for the weekend, which puts me more or less on target.

I can (still) do this.


Nano hasn’t started yet and I’m already hitting panic mode. I was up in the middle of the night tonight worrying about work and then I started thinking, “maybe I should get up and write a little bit in Lure because I know where I’m going next in the scene I’m working on and I might as well get it roughed out as long as I’m awake.”

And then I thought, “no, save it for Saturday morning when The Child has dance class so that I can count it in the Nano word count ’cause I’m really not sure if I can make the 50k.”

Pathetic. I’m up at 3 am strategizing word count. Just pathetic. How could I possibly be this tragically competitive with myself?

I’m going back to sleep.

Plot Week

My shark phobia is no secret, and so it shouldn’t surprise anyone to hear that I live in terror of the Discovery channel’s annual “Shark Week,” the advertising alone for which gives my subconscious fodder for 51 subsequent weeks of nightmares.

So the TV is strictly off-limits for me at the moment. Even being in the living room with the TV on is living dangerously. So I’ve retreated into the dining room where there’s a computer but no television, and discovered my answer to Shark Week.

Plot Week.

I’ve gotten no new word count done on anything I’ve got going at the moment — Neon Blue, Blood Yellow, Lure of Space, Stars Avail. But plot ideas are spilling out of me like blood after a Mako attack. Last week I finally broke through on the long-stalled main plot arc for Blood Yellow. Then my subconscious, spurred on by the sounds of breaching South African Great Whites from the other room, spewed out a central plot and four subplots for another story to follow Blood Yellow, which I’ve tentatively titled Burning Bone. And then, having not even thought about a long-shelved project called The Snake Keepers for over a year, suddenly I found myself revamping the central mystery plot for that story and sketching out a sequel that I don’t even have a title for.

Whew! Plot Week. I’m loving it. Maybe I should petition the Discovery Channel to run Shark Week more often . . .

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