Pulling Aside the Curtain

(Warning: spoilers for Snowburn and season one of True Detective.) The ultimate reveal of the villain is incredibly important in any conflict-based narrative. It’s the pay-off for the reader. They’ve followed all the clues, stuck to the right path despite the red-herrings the author has thrown in their way, and now they get the prize:… Continue reading Pulling Aside the Curtain

Three Little Words

Welcome to my stop on the SFR Station's "April Fools for Love" blog event! For my stop, I thought I'd offer a short story entitled "Three Little Words." For those who have read Snowburn, this takes place about a week after the end of Snowburn and shortly before the beginning of Snowburn's sequel, Throwing Fire.… Continue reading Three Little Words

SRFG Teaser Tuesday

For the Scifi Romance Group's Teaser Tuesday, I thought I'd share a scene from Throwing Fire, the upcoming sequel to Snowburn. PRETTY RATTY “What time is it?” Kez asks finally. She knows I have a chrono implanted in my retina. Part of a surgical Mod I had done after I outed Tol Seng. “Seven twenty-seven.”… Continue reading SRFG Teaser Tuesday