Blunts Tales

Come see what’s behind the facade of Blunts: a place of pain, pleasure, and mystery.

This collection is my first foray into “writing short.” Since college (and one too many collegiate creative writing classes), I’ve considered myself a novelist. I want time and space to develop my fictional world and unfold my characters into it. I didn’t think short stories provided adequate space and I’ll admit to developing a fear of them.

Which is silly. “Writing short” is just a different form, requiring different skills, which I feared having to acquire. I forgot that short stories were my gateway into fantasy and science fiction through magazines like Analog, Asimov’s Science Fiction, Locus, and The Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy – publications I could afford when I was a teenager. Those short stories opened new worlds to me, and if they were a briefer taste than novels, they were no less sweet.

That’s what I want Blunts Tales to be for my readers. Sweet, spicy tastes of characters they’ll get to know better in my novels. Some of these characters I’ll explore in Daddy P.I. 3.0. Some might have to wait until De Leon’s book. Some might shine in a series of shorts (Queen Twitch, I’m looking at you). All of them offer a glimpse behind the facade of Blunts: a place of pain, pleasure and mystery no less wondrous than those fantasy and science fiction stories that first opened my mind.

Welcome to Blunts. Come see what awaits …

Get Blunts Tales here, free to read with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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