Daddy P.I. 0.5 Glow Up

I’m working with a new cover artist, the wonderful Haelah Rice, who is doing professional glow-ups of some of my covers. I’m absolutely in love with her aesthetic and can’t wait to show you what she’s done for Teddy’s Boys!

Here’s the first one, the new prequel cover. If you already have the Daddy P.I. series prequel, you can download the new cover from this post or from Bookfunnel here!

If you haven’t read the Daddy P.I. series prequel, what are you waiting for?! It’s free!

Book Review – Priceless

This is a “pure” humiliation kink book, where the hero and heroine play humiliation games in private.

I discovered humiliation kink a few years ago, after many, many years of thinking it was beyond my personal squick level. (Never say never.) Although Priceless is new adult (college age), like many bully romances, but is not really a bully book. The hero and heroine have barely any interaction in public and what there is is actually nurturing and supportive. This is a “pure” humiliation kink book, where the hero and heroine play humiliation games in private.

I’m still up in the air about whether I enjoy the public bullying or private humiliation games more, but I LOVED this book and immediately went and bought it after reading it KU because it’s a rainy-day book that I’ll read again and again.

The premise is really simple: the heroine has poor financial control and gets herself in a tight spot where the utilities are turned off on a cold night and her party friends aren’t there for her. The hero, who has seen her around campus before, overhears her call to one of the party friends, realizes she needs quick cash, and offers her an opportunity to “earn” it.

The premise is simple, but the characters are not. These are nuanced, fully-fleshed, living, breathing characters who I wouldn’t be surprised to bump into at a campus coffee shop. What I liked even better? They don’t exist in a vacuum. They have people around them – some friends, some who look like friends and aren’t – who are affected by their actions. I absolutely loved the way the author traced through the ripple effect, particularly of the hero’s actions.

On top of this immersive characterization, the author writes BLAZINGLY hot s3x scenes. They are 🔥🔥🔥. I’m in awe. I’m now reading through this author’s back catalogue and love the next book I picked up (The Boys Next Door) just as much so far.

Priceless is available on Amazon here and free to read in Kindle Unlimited.

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