Teddy’s Boys – Introducing Gabe

Teddy’s Boys is my new project for Kindle Vella, a serial reading platform coming to Amazon this summer.

I thought it might be fun to introduce some of the characters, starting with Gabe:

“My name’s not Boggy,” the guy pressed to my side grumbles, but I notice he doesn’t try to move away from me or shift my arm off his shoulders. It’s comfortable there, I have to admit. He’s an inch or two shorter than Charlie, so it’s not a stretch. His body’s firm under a hoodie it’s too warm to be wearing today. He’s not as fit as Charlie, but I can feel the muscle in his shoulders and neck under my arm. He’s nice and warm for a water mage, and damn, but he smells good. Not dank and moldy like someone called Boggy should. He smells like cut grass and linen and cloves.

“It’s not?” Charlie asks.

“No. It’s Gabe. Gabriel Tate-Wilson. I’ve been in your classes for two fucking years, Charlie Miller.”

“Oh, sorry,” Charlie says, spots of color rising to stain his cheeks. I snigger at him before turning my head to look at the face so close to mine. It’s a nice face, all strong planes and angles around a pair of shifting, blue-green eyes. Not as open and friendly as Charlie’s. Not as cruelly beautiful as Darwin’s. It’s a face still stained with blood under his nose and in the scrubble on his chin, which fades as he meets my eyes. It’s a face I could like. 

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Author: ejfrostuk

Writer of sci-fi, urban fantasy and hard romance.

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