Review – Punished

Punished by L.V. Lane

What would happen if Frankenstein’s monster confronted Mary Shelley?

Punished poses exactly that question, and the answer is raunchy and unexpected.

Lane’s monster is an alien, and he is not best pleased by what his creator has put him through. We only get a glimpse in this short, fast-moving story, but the monster’s creator has stripped him of everything he loves and put him through misery on his journey to the top. He now commands men and ships, but at great cost.

Through dreams and a wormhole, the minds of the creator and her monster touch, and the monster gets to exact a very carnal revenge.

I love speculative fiction for exactly what this story delivers: a bending of the mind, a twisting of reality until the reader glimpses something else, something beyond the ordinary. This story gives the reader that twist in spades.

Get Punished here. Free to read in Kindle Unlimited.

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