Logan and Emily’s Contract V2

In Daddy P.I. 2.0, Logan and Emily’s BDSM contract to define their power exchange has evolved. As with the first contract, this is a little long to put in the book, so I’ve set it out here so readers can download it.

Power exchange contracts can be as simple or complex as the people entering into them want to be. Logan and Emily’s power exchange is a more complex contract, to reflect their immersion into the lifestyle.


    • Thanks! I’m a lawyer in my day job, so writing this filled all those little legalistic spaces in my soul. Ironically, my partner and I don’t have a contract – just a really simple set of rules. I think I exercised all my secret desire for a long and complex contract on my characters! 😂

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      • Ahh that explains the style of writing in it. It reads like a legal document! It really is a shame it couldn’t go in the novel! I wouldn’t dare show Tom something like that! He would have me signing it in a hot minute! (Minus the little space stuff.)
        I’m very happily divorced 11 years and counting, and that was the last time I had a written contract with anyone. I live part time with my partner, Tom who lives and works in the US these days, (I’m in the UK) no contracts, but that man knows exactly how to work me to get me to comply!

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        • There’s a link in the back of each book to the contract so readers can jump to it as long as their e-reader supports web browsing.
          I did show the contract (both versions) to my partner when I was writing them. He wasn’t overly interest. “Could you really remember all that?” he asked. Well, because of what I do all day, I probably could, but I admit our one page of rules is a heck of a lot easier to remember. Something to think about as I write Mac and Brennan’s contract for the next book! 😁

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  1. Sound thinking! I struggle to remember my name most days, never mind a list of rules I need to break. (Not good with rules, my bottom can attest to that). I have just downloaded Daddy P.I. onto my kindle, it will be my reading material this evening. 😀

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