What Scares Me: The Implacable Villain

For the ongoing (unending) rewrite of Throwing Fire, I’ve been thinking a lot about what scares me. I want my main character to be really, really scared. More scared than he’s ever been before, even in a number of life-threatening situations. What induces that level of fear? Part of the problem with the current draft… Continue reading What Scares Me: The Implacable Villain

Writing A Sympathetic Anti-Hero

I love anti-heroes. I like heroic characters, too. But anti-heroes really float my boat. I think I first became enamored of anti-heroes as a teen reading Nancy Collins (Sonya Blue) and Tanith Lee (the demons of her Flat Earth novels). Then along came Richard B. Riddick, who will probably always be my favorite anti-hero (although… Continue reading Writing A Sympathetic Anti-Hero