SFR Station Launches

Sci-fi/romance (SFR) is a bit of a red-headed step-child. Some romance readers turn up their noses at all the “unrealistic” elements of SFR. Some sci-fi purists turn up their noses at the “mushy” romantic elements. But for me, SFR is home. It’s what I want to read. When I read “straight” romance, I’m dreaming of FTL-travel and dystopian societies. When I read “straight” sci-fi, I miss the romantic tension and hope of a happy ending. The blend of science-fiction and romance feels right to me, and always has, even before I knew it was a “genre.”

Feel the same way? There’s a site for that.

HeaderBannerfacebook44SFR Station is a great new resource for sci-fi readers and authors. A member of the Science Fiction Romance Brigade has undertaken the herculean task of creating a new library for readers who can find authors writing in the genre, including recent releases, free offerings, and back lists. The catalog is searchable by author, category, pairings and series.

Not enough? Want to talk SFR with other lovers of the genre? Try the Scifi Romance Group which is a discussion and fun group for lovers of the genre. It’s public, so please join and take advantage of what’s new, what’s fun, and games and giveaways.

There’s also a fanpage if that’s more your thing.

So if, like me, SFR is your spiritual home, or you wish it was, join the Brigade at the website and take a look at the very active Facebook group. There’s even SFR on the Twitterverse, with the hashtags #scifirom and #sfrstation.

Join in! And welcome to my world.



  1. Hello EJ, glad you open this discussion, and I’m considering joining. Why? Because I have been for much of my life one of those hard SF smug purists that you have described :D. Point is, to me, how you define romance, or stories that portray love. And I do really appreciate them, when they are well written. One of my favourite novels ever is Stendhal’s Le Rouge et Le Noir, which after all is about love (in its different incarnations). The problem with romance is that it’s often badly written, full of cliches and sexist stereotypes – no matter the genre it is “inserted” in. And even good SF authors sometimes fall in this trap – just think about the otherwise truly amazing Night Dawn’s Trilogy (a space opera that I do recommend to anybody, no matter the preferred kind of SF flavour: that’s something there to suit any taste!). To me, the romance part was the one I would have happily thrown to the flames, for the reasons above-mentioned…! On another end, you do find love stories in Dan Simmons’ Hyperion. They are so, so beautiful, and they make you cry. Give me one of them any day!! Thanks for posting these resource, very informative 🙂

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