A Basic Inability to Write

This synopsis thing is driving me around the bend.

Butt has been out of the chair several times. (For weeks at a time, actually.) I’ve surfed most of the web for inspiration, distraction, whatever. Still zero synopsis written. (Probably in direct relation to how much time I’ve spent surfing the web.) It’s really, really getting up my nose now.

Followed closely by my complete inability to write a query letter that makes me sound like anything other than a blithering idiot and my novel like something that was written by the monkey banging away on a typewriter who DIDN’T manage to crank out Shakespeare’s complete works.


In a vain attempt to cheer myself up and mainline some inspiration, I’ve been surfing sites and blogs of writers who have been having the same trouble as me and found this gem. It’s a blog where aspirants to the Unholy Temple post draft queries and sample chapters and get feedback on them. Granted, the feedback is from other aspirants, not the target audience, but, hey, all feedback is good feedback, as I always say. At least they’re not laboring along in the dark, surfing Cadbury Egg sites for inspiration, distraction, whatever.

So now I have somewhere to test my query and synopsis . . . if I could ever get them written.

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